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Eco solvent transfers using Oil of Wintergreen

Xylene and/or blender pens are the common products used for solvent transfers. Used improperly, these products can cause brain damage. Xylene causes central nervous system damage if not used with a respirator so I sought out a more safe solution. For the last 8 years […]


Sun Prints or the gateway drug to alt-photo processing

The first album I owned was Wings’ “Greatest Hits”. My first book on alternative photo processes was “Sun Prints”. The album and book shared a commonality besides being “my first ___________”, Linda McCartney. In her book she covered the process for making Cyanotypes and Salt […]

Mixing Media

Ryan Mund from Opus Art Supplies did a little feature video on my process late last year. Here’s his micro documentary:  


Flashing Paper

I had a question from a high school student that was working on an assignment for a photography class. This group of students were asked to go to events and exhibitions in the Capture Photography Festival and to present a report on a show that […]

The Paper Portrait Sessions

The photo above is an 8×10 paper negative portrait of Francis Tiffany who dropped by with a painted portrait he did of me. Camera in Latin means “vaulted room”. Camera in English has come to mean “box with a lens for taking selfies” Two months […]


My Camera Obscura and the Paper Portrait Sessions

I’d planned to do a series of portraits using a 4×5 camera and paper negatives. I’d pitched the idea to the Capture selection committee in the fall of last year. Life intervened. Dad passed away and left me with his truck. We drive a Mini […]